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The Ultimate Guide To Purchasing An Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

Learn the best way to source, process, chase, and trace your next APU purchase, reducing total costs and hours of your time.

About The Webinar

Nate Anglin introduced the concept of "10x Maintenance Material." It's beginning to gain traction and define how operations successfully purchase aircraft maintenance material with a total lifecycle mindset.

Well, APUs are more complex - but the concept is no different.

APUs purchased poorly can quickly become expensive, risky and a one-way street to lost money, and wasted time. Some purchasers might think of APUs as another purchase, just like all other material. But if done right - they can become a powerful way to reduce total material costs and putting cash back into your operation.

Skylink APU purchases did. Since 1986, we began purchasing APUs and we've seen money and time fly out the window when done wrong. We've bought APUs in poor quality to repair, under AOG situations, and from people, we didn't know, like and trust.

Once we started incorporating the "10x Maintenance Material" concept, we streamlined our processes, reduce our total material costs and increased our overall liability.

You'll Learn

The total APU MRO demand for the next three years.
A really powerful way to source your next APU purchase.
Our secret sauce: how to process your orders with maximum impact.  
The few key areas to look at when reviewing the quality of your APU.

How to chase your APU the right way, every time ( so you waste less of your time).

An inventory concept you can't ignore.





Nate Anglin is the CEO of Skylink, who helps operators, aircraft MROs, lessors, and militaries reduce total maintenance costs. He does this by putting the supple back in their supply chain, delivering custom material solutions specific to each operations unique needs.

About Our Guest, Nate Anglin

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