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The 5 Key Questions Every Repair Station Must Be Able to Answer to Lower TATs, Reduce Costs and Eliminate the Time-Sucking Status Update Chase.

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Whats Inside

Your aircraft part needs to be repaired, but you dread it. 

Why?  Because you're working with an MRO that is notorious for high-cost work orders, their lead times are never right and your emails to them disappear into a black hole.  

Choosing a Part 145 repair station isn't just about cost or the quality of their repairs. It's about their business practices.  

The best way to choose an MRO has nothing to do with their technical capability.  

These TWO FREE REPORTS walk you through all the things to look for in choosing the best MRO, and give you 5 simple questions to ask. 

Sure, they should have capabilities and a great track record; that's a given. What I'm sharing in these guides, though, are not.   

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He writes about aviation trends and critical topics as well as how you can become more effective personally and professionally. 

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Attention Repair Managers: Sending your aircraft part for repair doesn't have to mean stress, lost money and endless headaches. If it does, you need...

Nate Anglin
CEO, Skylink Group